Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paper, plastic or glass milk carton?

Great post from Green Lantern (Slate) about the environmental impacts of paper milk cartons vs plastic jugs vs glass bottles.  You might be surprised at the results.

As with many environmental quandaries, the answer depends on whether you care more about climate change or solid waste, chemicals in the groundwater or human toxicity, acid rain or smog. 

While that in itself is not surprising, who knew that the cardboard cartons are typically the worst choice, since they’re usually not recycled (even if you put them into recycling…).  Of course, the glass is only best if you actually get them refilled instead of just recycling them.  Oh the dilemmas of trying to be environmentally-friendly…  What’s your choice, and do you even think about it or just buy what’s cheapest?  (Not judging!  Price is usually #1 in our minds!)

Read on. (PS. I was going to include a photo, but good luck doing a search for “milk jugs”…)


  1. abjv answered: Glass isn’t refilled here but cardboard is often recycled though some companies have issues with wax-coated cardboard. And biodegradable. ***
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